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Kings Island Now on Twitter

You can now follow Kings Island on Twitter.  Tidbits, park news, notes, and other valuable information will appear throughout the day on this service. Check it out at  You can also join twitter from there, so you can receive these updates directly from the park.

Kings Island Help Update

We are still taking volunteers to help out at Kings Island for May Fridays. Russ Johnson is now heading this up.  Please give him a call or email him if you would like to be put on the list to work one of these 5 Fridays in May. His email is

His phone number is 937-304-3734.

ACE gets $7-$8 an hour for each hour worked. Anyone who works more than 40 hours during the campaign will receive a free ticket for admission. If you already have a pass, you can give that to someone who does not.  Training for these sessions will be Thursday, April 30th at 6pm. You will get to do some behind the scenes walks of the park, that only employees get to see! If you can help Brian and Kings Island out, contact Russ.

Kings Island Needs Your Help

Brian Kosmac, fellow ACE member in Southern Ohio and Kings Island Rides Manager is need of our help. He is a little short handed on Fridays in May for rides.  If you would like to volunteer your time on a Friday at the park to learn about ride operations, Brian would appreciate it. For every hour you work on these May Fridays, ACE will receieve $7 for the ACE preservation fund.  If you would like to help Kings Island out, email Brian at .  You can also reply to this post, and I will forward it to Brian.  You will need to be available this Thursday evening at the park for some training. You will be sent to a ride that he picks for you.  If you are off on Fridays and would like to help, he will greatly appreciate you!

Park Rules and Regulations

Now that park season has begun in southern Ohio, and continues to open up in other regions, we need to review ACE policy concerning park rules and regulations.  It was brought to my attention that an ACE member appeared in someone’s photo of Diamondback on opening day with their camera out taking POV of the ride.  Kings Island, and I am sure ALL amusement parks in America forbid riders doing that.  This person was wearing an American Coaster Enthusiast T-shirt.  This really makes the club look bad when something like this comes to my attention.  If I could have identified this person, they would have their membership revoked, and possibly be asked to leave Kings Island and not return.

As ACE members, we MUST abide by ALL Rules of EVERY park we patronize. Especially if we are going to wear any gear announcing that we are a part of this organization.  As by the bi-laws of the club, if you are caught breaking any rules of a park you are attending, you will be dismissed from ACE with no refunds.

So, I just ask that everyone abide by park policy, and have a great summer riding coasters!

Ride Warrior Weekend Registeration Begins

The long anticipated Ride Warriors Weekend registration has now begun. This event is open at no charge to all ACE members who carry a Cedar Fair Platinum Season Pass, a Kings Island season pass, and other coaster clubs who appear on the information site listed below. You can get all the details at this site and there is a click here button below the ERT information where you can sign up to let them know you are attending! Registration ends on May 6th.

We look forward to seeing many of you out at Kings Island for the inaugural park event, Ride Warriors Weekend. Featuring the newest, meanest coaster Diamondback!

Manta Media Day

Sea World of Orlando is cordially inviting the American Coaster Enthusiasts to attend their media event to be held over 2 days, May 20th and 21st.  Florida is a long way from Ohio, but the entire club has been invited. If you will be in Florida at that time, or would be interested in attending, please respond to me, and I will email you complete detailed information. It’s very extensive. You have to pre-register and be assigned a shift that you can attend.

Wake Nation offers ACE members Discount

Wake Nation located at Joyce Park in Fairfield, Ohio is extending to ACE members  a 10% discount on the attraction. The 10% discount includes any of the admission prices which are $20/hr, $25/2 hrs, $35/day pass, plus 10% off all equipement rental.  Also, Wake Nation invites ACE members for ERT every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 9:30am-10:00am. You’ll get 30 minutes of your own time on the water before the public arrives on those days.  For information check out

Our region’s own Adam Wasiljov, our assistant rep was Wake Nation’s first patron, and gives it 2 thumbs up! Come out and enjoy Wake Nation, beginning May 1st!

Most Anticipated Coaster of 2009?

The poll is closed, and the results are in – from the most anticipated to the least…

  • Diamondback (Kings Island)
  • Flying Turns (Knoebels)
  • Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit (Universal Studios Florida)
  • Prowler (Worlds of Fun)
  • Manta (SeaWorld Orlando)
  • Terminator Salvation: The Coaster (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

Total Votes: 56

ACE News Running Late

The next edition of ACE News will be a double edition since it is running a little late.  It will be 2 issues and contain lots of flyers for upcoming summer events.  One note for the ACEspana tour, it says the deadline is for April 15. That has been extended to April 30th for anyone wanting to attend that event.

Fun Spot is Closed for 2009

Fun Spot Amusement Park and Zoo, located in Angola Indiana has announced that due to the bad economy, they will not be open for the 2009 season. No other details have been given as to whether this is permanent, or just for the 2009 season. You may visit their website,